1. What do you charge?

Because each pool is different, we do not have a one-size-fits-all pricing structure. Please call us at 210-313-7831 to make an appointment for a free assessment. We’ll come to your home or facility, discuss your specific needs, and provide a free customized pool service proposal for you.
2. Do you offer online bill pay?

Yes. In fact, we offer a full range of convenient online options, including:

• Online Bill Pay
• Automatic Credit Card Bill Payment
• Invoices sent via email
• 6 months of account statement history available online
3. How do I know when my payment has processed, and for how much?

You’ll receive an email receipt for your records that reflects the amount processed. You will also receive notifications if your transaction fails for any reason, and we’ll even let you know if your credit card is about to expire.

4. Where is my information stored? Is it secure?

Our new billing solution uses the most powerful security tools in existence. All credit card and bank account information is stored as encrypted data. The system uses the same processing networks used by federal banking and government agencies. In fact, fewer people see your sensitive information with electronic payments than with paper checks or mailed payments-making electronic payments the MORE secure choice.

5. Will I still receive a monthly paper statement of my bill?

Yes, you will receive an electronic invoice via email on the first day of each month. That will be your indication that your bill is ready to be paid electronically.

6. What if I set up Electronic Payments and want to stop them?

Simply contact us in writing 30 days prior to your next payment due. This will ensure your schedule will be cancelled, and you will receive a mailed paper statement in its place.
7. What prevents a company from charging me whenever it wants?

Federal law (Federal Regulation E) protects you from unauthorized debits from your checking account, and Visa/MC/Disc/Amex regulations similarly protect your credit card payments. With Electronic Payments, you have the right to stop, reverse, or dispute any debits you believe were made in error.
8. How common are Electronic Payments?

They are very common in today’s electronic age. More than half of all U.S. households use electronic payments to pay their mortgage, loans, insurance premiums, utilities, membership dues, and other bills.
(Statistic from www.electronicpayments.org)
9. Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. PoolWerx accepts all 4 major credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.
10. How often do you show up?

You can count on your professional, uniformed PoolWerx technician to be there every week, 48 weeks each year – and we’ll never change an appointment without notifying you in advance. We do have four (4) non-service weeks each year, usually the week of Thanksgiving, the week of Christmas/New Year, 1 week in the spring and 1 week in the summer. You will always be notified in advance of these non-service weeks and can always call us in the event of an emergency.
11. What if there is bad weather on my service day?

We typically work in light rain, cold or hot weather, snow, ice, etc. However, we can not service swimming pools when there is lightning in the area. If bad weather prevents us from servicing your swimming pool on your specified day, we will make every effort to service the pool the very next day if possible.
12. Do you ever show up unannounced?

PoolWerx respects your privacy and your property. If we do need to arrive on an unscheduled day (such as to perform extra maintenance or a quality control check) we will either call you in advance or knock on your front door when we arrive.
13. What happens if my regular technician calls in sick on my service day?

Our commitment is to your privacy and your scheduled service day.
We will always do our best to service your pool on your scheduled day. However, if that’s not possible, we will call you to re-schedule your service on a different day.
14. What is included in your Weekly Full Service Program?

Our Weekly Full Service Program includes:

• Check and adjust chemical balance and disinfection levels·
• Remove all debris from pool·
• Skim the pool surface·
• Vacuum the pool floor as needed·
• Empty pump, skimmer, and leaf canister baskets·
• Brush the pool’s tile, waterline, niches, seating areas, and walls·
• Inspect equipment for leaks, clogs, and other malfunctions·
• Adjust timers periodically according to the season
• Backwash Filter and recharge if necessary (minimum once monthly)
• Leave site visit assessment noting all chemical readings
15. What if there’s a problem with my equipment?

Your pool care technician will check your equipment at each weekly visit. Minor problems will be fixed on the spot; if your equipment requires more extensive servicing we will note that on your site visit assessment (in the notes section) so that we can further discuss the corrective action needed. We are fully trained and licensed to clean, repair or replace all of your pool equipment.
16. If my pool needs water, will you add it during your weekly service call?

Our normal policy is not to add water but to indicate such on your Site Visit Assessment in the notes section, asking you to add water to the pool. If you plan to be absent from your home for an extended period of time, please contact us before you leave to arrange for our technician to add water to your pool during your absence and we will be happy to do so.
17. What geographic areas do you serve?

We service swimming pools, spas, and fountains throughout the Greater San Antonio area.
18. Are your pool care technicians trained?

Yes. All of our pool care technicians are either Certified Pool Operators (CPOs) and/or Certified Pool Inspectors (CPIs).
License, Training & Insurance

19. Should my pool company be licensed?

The State of Texas does not offer or require licenses for pool care providers. However, “in Texas, there must be a written contract for all home improvement projects over $500.” A state contractor’s license is required to enter into this contract.

Bottom line: If all you need is weekly pool service, no license is available or required. But if you need your pool company to install or repair pool equipment, you should only deal with a reputable, licensed provider.
PoolWerx is a licensed Texas contractor, and is licensed by the Contractors State License Board, TSLB #873102.
20. What about Workers’ Compensation insurance?

Should my pool service company carry Workers’ Compensation insurance (also known as “Workers’ Comp”), or am I supposed to provide this? The fact is, if you allow someone to perform work on your property, and in the course of this work the person becomes injured, you are liable. Workers’ Compensation insurance covers this type of injury. It is advisable to only hire a pool service company that carries Workers’ Comp. To protect our customers PoolWerx has always carried this important type of insurance.
21. Why should a pool service company carry Liability Insurance?

If your pool service company makes a mistake that causes damage to your property – or, worse yet, bodily damage to a person – you want to know that they have insurance to cover those circumstances. For example, the technician might accidentally leave the water on and flood your home, or leave the gate open so that a neighbor’s child enters your yard and gets injured in your pool. While we at PoolWerx strive to provide a level of service that would preclude these types of problems, we feel you deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing we are a fully insured pool service.
22. Why should my pool care technician be certified?

A Certified Pool Operator, or CPO, has undergone a course of training sanctioned by the National Swimming Pool Foundation, a nationally-recognized organization devoted to aquatic health and safety. There’s much more to pool care than just removing leaves! The CPO designation ensures that your technician knows what he or she is doing, and has received the proper training to protect both your health and your investment. You have made a significant investment in your swimming pool, your pool cleaning company “should” make that same investment in their pool technicians.

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