See what are customers say about us below.

“PoolWerx has been outstanding to work with! We switched from a competitor and have been extremely satisfied with the level of service from PoolWerx!
John and Mary J. – Monte Vista, TX

“These guys really know their stuff. Our previous pool cleaning company struggled to keep our pool chemicals balanced consistently. We have been PoolWerx customers for several years and we always have a sparkling clear pool. Mike always keeps us informed as to any “new” products or services they offer…super company to work with.”
Sharon B. – Shavano Park, TX

“We have used several local pool companies over the last 10 years. PoolWerx has been THE most prompt, honest and ethical group of people we have worked with! I would highly recommend PoolWerx to any of our family, friends and neighbors!”
Steve and Suzie T. – Castle Hills, TX

“Mike is a really great guy to work with. He treats our property and our pool/spa as if it were his own. Many of our neighbors have switched to PoolWerx, because they see the level of service we get every week!”
Bob and Carol R – Elm Creek, TX

“These guys are truly a “one-stop shop”. They not only clean your pool, they also have installed new pool equipment and repaired our existing equipment. On several occasions they have advised us to NOT purchase new, rather we should fix what we have. I appreciate that type of honest in a Pool Service company!”

Joe T. – Greystone – San Antonio, TX

“I am not going to say nice things about PoolWerx….I am going to say GREAT things! What a great Pool company. They told us they would clean our pools on Thursday mornings, they have never missed a day or even shown up late on Thursday! When they told us they were “reliable”, they have made us believers! They are truly pool “experts”. They have all been highly trained and it shows in our pool. It’s always crystal clear, clean and beautiful. On a sidenote, Mike really takes care of our property. We travel alot and are gone most of the time when he stops by, but he has never failed to lock the gates when he leaves and even picks up our newspapers if they are laying on the driveway! Highly recommend.”
Sarah and Joe D. – Alamo Heights, TX

“When we called PoolWerx several years ago, we had a real issue with our existing pool cleaning company. Mike shared PoolWerx “Commitments” and I must say…he lives by those commitments! He is so concientuous and really works hard to make sure his customers are happy and satisfied. I recommend PoolWerx highly!”
Sam and Tia P – Olmos Park, TX

“What an awesome Pool Cleaning company! These guys really take pride in what they do and it shows in their pools. I know I will not be the only one raving about their level of service on their website. We have 3 people on my street currently using PoolWerx and ALL of us love the results we have gotten. We have been customers for 4 years and will be customers for a long time to come!” 

Rick and Chris J. – Terrell Hills, TX

“One of the most honest and ethical service companies in San Antonio. I would highly recommend PoolWerx for pool cleaning and pool equipment. We have been PoolWerx customers for the last 18 months, when we started we were the first customer in our neighborhood. Now half of our neighborhood uses PoolWerx. Mike has been great to work with. Really stays on top of his business and knows swimming pools!”
Jay and Alicia T – The Mansions – Located at Cibolo Canyon – San Antonio, TX

“This is the third and “last” pool cleaning company we will have in San Antonio.. The first two were disasters. Our experience with PoolWerx has been extremely positive. These guys really know what they are doing and truly care about my pool and my property. I would be more than happy to speak with anyone considering hiring a pool cleaning company in San Antonio!!!”
Mike and Cindy V.. – Tuscany Hills – San Antonio, TX

“We switched to PoolWerx a few months ago and have been really pleased with their service. When Mike took over our pool it was literally green with some kind of algae. I admit, it was my fault, I thought I could take care of my own pool….was I ever wrong!!! Within 24 hours he had our pool looking great and it has stayed that way since! We really appreciate PoolWerx and will be customers for life!”
Gary and Maria S – Canyon Springs – San Antonio, TX

“You always hear the phrase “Honesty in the best policy”.  Let me explain how that phrase came true with PoolWerx.  We have an older Pentair heater (approximately 7-8 years old).  We had several pool repair guys out to look at the heater, and both pool service guys said we would need to replace the heater with prices ranging from $3000 – $3800.  PoolWerx service guy (Jimmy), spent several hours diagnosing the problem with the heater, and was able to make the necessary repairs with a total repair cost of $376!  Now THAT is honesty!  PoolWerx could have simply tried to sell us a new heater (just like the other two pool companies), but they spent the time determining what the real issue was and then resolved the issue, ultimately saving us over $3000!  I am a PoolWerx customer for life! “
Ginger R. – Hollywood Park

“We have been using PoolWerx for approximately 3 years now.  They are responsible, reliable and a real pleasure to work with.  Over the last 3 years we have had several “repair/service” items that have happened with our pool.  With our previous pool company, we would have to wait a week to 10 days to get a repair guy out to remedy the problem.  If you are a PoolWerx maintenance customer, you rarely wait 24 hours for repairs!  That is a real pleasure, especially when the oak leaves are falling in San Antonio!  I love PoolWerx and would never consider using any other pool company…been there and done that!”
Jim R – Stone Oak


“PoolWerx has taken care of our swimming pool for the last 8 years.  They come every week, and when they leave the pool is absolutely spotless!  Approximately 4 years ago we wanted to replaster our swimming pool, and Mike was able to provide pricing for us in quick fashion, allowed us to pick out the exact plaster color and style of new tile for the pool.  Our pool ALWAYS looks perfect!  Thank you PoolWerx for being the best pool company in town!”
Mary S. – Dominion

“Every year PoolWerx is selected Best Pool Company in San Antonio (or at least the last 4-5 years).  I certainly can see “why” they win that award every year!  We have used PoolWerx for the last 2+ years.  Prior to using PoolWerx, we used one of their competitors, though I am not sure PoolWerx actually has true competitors.  Prior to PoolWerx we would have to call our existing pool company regularly as our pool constantly looked bad, the cleaning guy would not show up regularly, when you had a service call scheduled, they would always call and ask to change it to two days later, etc.  With PoolWerx, our cleaning guy shows up like clock work!  IF we have to schedule a service call, the gentleman that shows up is clean cut, appropriately dressed and very honest and knowledgeable!  They take alot of pride in the fact they are chosen Best Pool Company in San Antonio every year and it shows in their work!”
Sandy M – San Antonio, TX

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